The Gospel According to Others

King Herod has his own way to deal with a new born King.

Joseph and his family are to become refugees.

Nicodemas. A priest realises he knows nothing about God.

Lazarus. Does he now believe in resurrection?

Peter. What was it like to walk on water?

Judas Iscariot: We know that he betrayed Jesus. But why?

Joseph of Arimathea. Did he take the boy Jesus on a foreign sea voyage? If he did, what did that friendship look like? What will he do with the empty tomb on his estate? 

This is actor Andrew Cullum’s personal view of some of the peripheral characters in a familiar story. It is not the Gospel according to any of the better known writers, but the Gospel… According to Others.

Some recent audience comments:

  • Utterly captivating and beautifully written. So many imaginative little ideas bringing new angles to familiar characters.
  • Very clever and thought provoking script, excellently delivered.
  • Superb: Wonderful interpretation and brilliant acting.

For a preview, one of the scenes: Listening to the Wind is presented below in its entirety.

A novel by Andrew Cullum

Brooke McCarthy left drama school over a year ago. After months of waiting for her big break she gets a job with the Edwardian Palace Theatre on the south coast. It's not everything she hoped for, and the play's director, the notorious Jimmy Knowles, is difficult to work for and a hard man to please.
On her first day, Brooke meets an endearing old man who lives in the cottage just across the path from the rehearsal hall.  A man who loves the theatre and has an interesting past. The week before Brooke arrives at her new job, a young girl has been found murdered in the woods...
Lights Burning Blue is a story of an unlikely friendship, and is a page-turning thriller set in the world of the theatre

When Did You Last See Your Father?  is inspired by the painting by William Frederick Yeames, and is a short story for children, written and performed by Andrew.
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